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Test Your Reflexes With a Crotch-Rocket

Personally, I prefer that little rubber hammer thingy to the knee...but if that's too pedestrian for you, go ahead and try this out:

How the CDC Came up with Bogus Sexual Violence Numbers

To much hullabaloo, the CDC investigated sexual violence and revealed an astonishing statistic: 1 in 5 of all women in the United States have been sexually assaulted.

But dig a little deeper into the CDC's methods and its not long before you'll find something rotten. The following video lays it out quite well.

For some reason it appears that the CDC has a vested interest in ratcheting up sexual violence numbers. Considering that its budget allows for almost $100,000,000 for the prevention and control of intentional injuries, I suppose the CDC's vested interest is not surprising.

What Happens When a Professional Pianist Finds a Public Piano at a Subway Station

His name is Henri Herbert and he plays with the Jim Jones Revue (which hopefully will not be making a tour stop in Guyana any time soon). Anyways, here he is in London....

Hello Ladies! BITFU is Now on E-Harmony

In case you didn't know, E-Harmony has a special matchmaking algorithm based on the Science of Compatibility. The possibilities are just endless!

Here's the video submitted by my latest match. We're going out next Saturday. [#Anticipation!]

Road Rage in the U.K.

People often ask me what it was like growing up on the mean streets of London. I always respond with the same thing. "Man, there ain't no words to describe that kind of life. You just got to live it and hope you get out alive."

Here's a video that best captures what I went through during my time in 'da hood.

Warning: This is pure-gangsta. If you are at work or easily offended you might want to avoid this one, cuz this shit is about to get real.

Announcing the John Deere Symphony

It's an exclusive engagement at a barnyard somewhere in Iowa.

But seriously, this was a collaborative effort between the Robert M. Trammell Music Conservatory and the Sharon Wick School of Engineering at the University of Iowa. Amazingly, 97% of the machines components came from JOHN DEERE Industries and Irrigation Equipment of Bancroft, Iowa.
YES, farm equipment!